Units Conversion & Universal Constants Wizard
Shareware Version 1.1
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Universal Constants and Unit conversion tool with the most extensive database available. 3,457 units definitions and 68 Universal Constants grouped in 94 categories. All of that gives more than 1,300,000 direct conversions and more than 500,000,000 with the prefix and SI conversions options. Main features are :
  • Quick keep on top conversion panel.
  • Units editor to create, delete or edit units.
  • SI metric Conversion Table.
  • Selected Unit conversion Table.
  • Units prefix from "yocto" to Yotta".
  • Inverse Dimension search.
  • Units conversion factors defined by formulas.
  • Comprehensive dimensions and descriptions.
  • Find conversions by category or dimension definition.
  • Copy & Paste values.
  • Number formats settings.
  • Future releases for Free.
Download the fully functional Trial Version. Try it and, if you want the "Full Version" pay the shareware fee through PayPal. The Unlock-serial number will be send by e-mail within 48 hours.