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11C-Pro Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

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The Ultimate RPN 11C calculator for Science with all the functions of the real HP-11C calculator and many more added exclusive features that expand the user experience and usability.

Main Features
  • Continuous or persistent memory content.
  • 20 general porpouse registers.
  • Special Index register for Indirect operations.
  • Trigonometric & Hyperbolic functions.
  • Factorial, Logarithms & percentages.
  • Probability Combinations & Permutations.
  • Hour-Minute-Seconds conversion.
  • Polar-rectangular conversion.
  • Random number generator.
  • Statistic data list to store and edit the data samples.
  • Linear regression calculations.
  • USER mode and program labels.
  • Keystrokes programming up to 1000 steps.
  • Full retina display resolution.
  • Device Orientation enabled.
  • Copy & Paste touching the display.
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPads support.
  • Minimum system version: iOS 6.0
  • Extent set of preferences to customize the calculator.
  • Memory registers content view.
  • Program Editor view.
  • Program tracking with "Undo" for debugging tool.
  • Statistical Data Editor view.
  • 6 regressions models and forecasting tool.
  • Complex numbers math tool
  • Angles conversion units with Polar-Rectangular conversions.
  • Units Conversion tool.
  • Currency Exchange calculation tool.
  • Date & Time calculations tool.
  • Normal and Student probability distributions tool.
  • Financial TVM calculations tool.
  • Bonds Price & Yield calculations tool.
  • Black-Scholes Options Valuation Model application tool.
  • Cash Flows NPV and IRR calculations tool.
  • Depreciation calculations tool.
  • Tip calculator application tool.

Requirements : iPhone, iPod touch or iPads with iOS 8.0 and above; iOS 8 and iPhone 6 ready


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Calculator Overview


Key Reference

One Number Functions

Two Arguments Functions



Index Register


Extended Options Overview

General Settings

Memory Registers

Program Editor

Program Tracking

Statistic Data Editor

Statistic Regression & Forecasting

Complex Numbers math

Physical Units Conversion

Currency Exchange

Date & Time math

Probability Distributions

TVM calculations

Bonds Price & Yield calculations

Black-Scholes OVM calculations

Cash Flow calculations

Depreciation calculations

Tip calculation tool