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12C-Pro, 12P-Pro, 12C-Lite & 12P-Lite Financial and Business Calculator for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

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The Ultimate 12C calculator for Finance & Business with all the functions of the real HP-12C calculator in its Classic, Platinum or Anniversary editions and many more added exclusive features that expand the user experience and usability.

Main Features
  • Two selectable models included (Classic or Platinum)
  • RPN and ALG entry logic mode in the Platinum model.
  • TVM and Amortization schedule.
  • Bonds and depreciation calculations.
  • Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Date arithmetics.
  • Keystrokes programming up to 1000 steps.
  • Factorial, Logarithms & percentages.
  • 100 general porpose registers. 20 for STO and RCL operations and 80 additional registers for cash flows.
  • Statistic data list to store and edit the data samples.
  • Continuous or persistent memory content.
  • Full retina display resolution.
  • Device Orientation enabled.
  • Copy & Paste touching the display.
  • iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPads support.
  • Minimum system version: iOS 6.0
  • Full iOS 7.0 support.
  • Extent set of preferences to customize the calculator.
  • Amortization Schedule table view.
  • CFLO, Statistic Data and Programs editors.
  • Memory registers content view.
  • Quick Reference Help View with examples.
  • Free support & updates.

Additional Feautures in the Pro versions

  • Depreciation development table view.
  • Extended Bond, CFLO and Curve Fitting calculations tools.
  • Extended Math functions.Probability calculations tool.
  • Extended Date & Time arithmetics calculations tool.
  • Program tracking with "Undo" for debugging.
  • Memory Content View with Copy, Paste and Clear.
  • File Load & Save for CFLO data and Statistic data.
  • Black-Scholes Options Valuation Model application layer.
  • Currency exchange application layer.
  • Tip calculator application layer.
  • Angles conversion units with Polar-Rectangular conversions.
  • Unit conversion application layer.

Requirements : iPhone, iPod touch or iPads with iOS 7.1 and above; iOS 8 and iPhone 6 ready.


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(*): 12C-Pro & 12P-Pro Edition only

Calculator Overview

General Settings

Calendar Functions

Percentage Calculations

Simple Interest Calculations

Time Value of Money Calculations

Amortization Calculations

Cash Flows Calculations

Bonds Calculations

Depreciation Calculations

Statistics Functions

Math functions

Memory Registers




Extended Options Overview

Amortization Schedule

(*) Black-Scholes Option Valuation Model

(*) Extended Bond Calculations

(*) Extended Cash Flows Calculations

Cash Flows Editor View

(*) Angles Conversion Tool

(*) Currency Exchange Tool

(*) Extended Date & Time Calculations

(*) Depreciation Table

(*) Extended Math Functions

Memory View

(*) Probability Calculations

(*) Program Tracking

Program Editor

(*) Curve Fitting and Forecasting Tool

Statistic Data Editor

(*) Tip Calculations Tool

(*) Units Conversion Tool

(*) Margins & Break Even Tool