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RLM-17BII Business Consultant Financial and Scientific Calculator for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

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The Ultimate Finance & Scientific tool for business, financial & science professionals, with all the functions (except text & appointments) of the real HP-17BII calculator and many added caculation aids that expand the user experience and usability.

RLM-17BII Business Consultant
  • RPN and ALG logic mode.
  • Cash flow analysis.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Date & Time arithmetics.
  • Combinations & Permutations.
  • Scientific functions: Factorial, Logarithms. Trigs & Hyps.
  • 10 general porpose registers for STO and RCL operations.
  • Statistic data list to store and edit the data samples.
  • Continuous memory.
  • Full retina display resolution.
  • Copy & Paste touching the display.
  • Extent set of preferences to customize the calculator..
  • Equation Solver.
  • Statistic data calculations and Curve Fitting..
  • Amortization Schedule view
  • File Load & Save with selectable memory data.
  • Black-Scholes Options Valuation Model.
  • Currency Exchange tool wit online rates..
  • Business Margins, Interest Conversion & Tip calculator.
  • Units Conversion with units.
  • Quick Reference Help View with examples.
  • Free support & updates.

Requirements : iPhone, iPod touch or iPads with iOS 8.0 and above; iOS 8 and iPhone 6 ready.

Calculator Overview

User Settings

Memory View

Financial Menu (FIN)

Time Value of Money Calculations

Interest Conversion

Cash Flows Calculations

Bonds Calculations

Depreciation Calculations

Black-Scholes Option Valuation Model

Business Menu (BUS)

Percent Change

Percent Total

Markup on Cost

Margin on Price

Tip Calculations

Statistics Menu (SUM)

Date & Time Menu (TIME)

Equation Solver Menu (SOLVE)

Conversions Menu (CONV)

Angles Conversions

Currency Exchange

Polar-Rectangular Coordinates Conversion

Unit Conversions

Math Functions Menu (MATH)

Numeric Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Hyperbolic Functions

Probability Calculations