Portrait View


The most useful, simple and handy inclination metering available.

Our Plumb Bob Utility simulates a read Plumb hanging from the center of the iPhone or iPod touch screen.

No Calibration needed. It's always point to the center of the Earth.

With his single "Bubble Lever" like interface, can easily and precisely align and lever objects in any position. Ideal to align Pictures in the wall, lever tables, stands, bars or columns, etc...

The following picture shows the Plumb Bob Utility in Landscape orientation to lever horizontal objects from 0 degrees up to 90 degrees.

Or you can turn it to Portrait orientation to easily lever Vertical objects from 90 degrees down to 0 degrees.

It works in any orientation !!

Touch de "i " info button at the lower right corner to display the general information view at any time.

Or Touch the "*" star button at the lower left corner to center the bubble in the screen. This is quite useful to set the 0º when leveling tables horizontaly.


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