Portrait View


The most useful and simple Flashlight available for the iPhone and iPod touch. The R.L.M. Software's Flashlight application has four modes for you to enjoy :

  • The Key Finder Mode :
    fill the screen with a bright white light to help you in the dark.
  • The Astronomer Mode :
    fill the screen with pure red color to help you read star charts and operate your scope without affecting your dark-adapted vision.
  • The Emergency Mode :
    shows up a Red/Blue rotating police beacon to help you to call other peoples attention in emergency situations or to scare thieves.
  • The Hypnotic Mode :
    shows a complex rotating spiral to help you to relax and concentrate.

Simply touch a button in the main screen and enjoy.

To stop any running mode simply touch the screen to get back to the main screen.

Note : In all the modes the auto-lock setting of the iPhone or iPod touch is disabled.

The following picture shows the "Hypnotic" mode in Landscape orientation with a twister vortice rotating clockwise
The following picture shows the "Emergency" mode in Portrait orientation. Two bright police like beacons rotating in oposition. the lower one is in blue colors and rotates from right to left. ther upper one is in red colors and rotates from left to right.
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