RLM-12PX v2.1 Finance & Business Calculator

The RLM-12PX calculator is an extensive set of tools and enhancements inspired in the real HP-12C Platinum calculator. It works in the same way, but expanded with 15 digits precision, 100 store registers, 1000 program steps and a complete set of menus to handle almost any financial and business problem (toggle tapping the "OPT" key). Also, the Display was expanded to show all the Stack registers and, in landscape orientation, the content of the financial registers, storage registers and program memory.

Portrait Orientation
Landscape Orientation (Left Handed Setting OFF)

Landscape Orientation (Left Handed Setting ON)

Once the app is installed for the first time in your device, you have 30 days of a fully functional "Free Trial". After, to continue using the app, the store view is shown asking to do a one time payment for lifetime.

Requirements: iOS Device running iOS version 15.0 or above.