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The Ultimate Finance tool for business and financial professionals, with all the functions of the real HP-12C calculator and many added calculation aids that expand the user experience and usability.

RLM-12 Finance Center Highlights
  • Platinum and Classic skins with RPN and ALG logic mode.
  • TVM, Amortization, Bonds and depreciation.
  • Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Date arithmetics.
  • Keystrokes programming up to 1000 steps.
  • Factorial, Logarithms & percentages.
  • 100 general porpose registers. 20 for STO and RCL operations and 80 additional registers for cash flows.
  • Statistic data list to store and edit the data samples.
  • Continuous memory.
  • Full retina display resolution.
  • Device Orientation awareness.
  • Copy & Paste touching the display.
  • Extent set of preferences to customize the calculator.
  • Stack, Financial & Storage registers content view.
  • Equation Solver.
  • Credit Line Account type calculations.
  • Cash Flow of regular and variable intervals.
  • Statistic data calculations and Curve Fitting.
  • Progam Ececution with Undo.
  • Amortization Schedule view
  • File Load & Save with selectable memory data.
  • Black-Scholes Options Valuation Model.
  • Currency Exchange tool wit online rates..
  • Business Margins, Interest Conversion & Tip calculator.
  • Units Conversion with units.
  • Quick Reference Help View with examples.
  • Free support & updates.

Requirements : iPad, iPad 2 or New iPad with iOS 5.0 and above


Calculator Overview

Dates Calculations

Percentage Calculations

Simple Interest

Time Value of Money Calculations

Amortization Schedule

Cash Flows Calculations

Bonds Calculations

Depreciation Calculations

Statistics Calculations

Math Functions

Calculator's Memory


Options Selection Menu

General Settings

Amortization Table

Credit Line Account

Bonds Calculation Tool

Black-Scholes Options Pricing Model

Cash Flows Calculations Tool

Statistics & Curve Fitting Tool

Program Execution Tool

Scientific Functions

Currency Exchange Tool

Business Percentages Tool

Units Conversion Tool

Equation Solver Tool