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RLM-10BII series: 10BII-Bus, 10BII-Fin & 10BII-Plus Financial and Business Calculator for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad

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The Complete and realistic simulation of the well known HP-10BII Business and Financial calculators series, with all the functions and features of the real one and many more additional exclusive features that expand the user experience and usability.

10BII-Bus, 10BII-Fin & 10BII-Plus Main Features
  • Three selectable models included.
  • Algebraic entry logic mode.
  • TVM and Amortization schedule.
  • Bonds and depreciation calculations.
  • Cash flows analysis NPV, IRR.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Date arithmetics.
  • Factorial, Logarithms & percentages.
  • 10 general porpose registers.
  • Statistic data list to store and edit the data samples.
  • Continuous or persistent memory content.
  • Full retina display resolution.
  • Device Orientation enabled.
  • Copy & Paste touching the display.
  • Extent set of preferences to customize the calculator.
  • Amortization Schedule table view.
  • Depreciation development table view.
  • Extended Bond, CFLO and Curve Fitting calculations tools.
  • CFLO, Statistic Data and Programs editors.
  • Extended Math functions.
  • Probability calculations tool.
  • Extended Date & Time arithmetics calculations tool.
  • Memory Content View with Copy, Paste and Clear.
  • File Load & Save for CFLO data and Statistic data.
  • Black-Scholes Options Valuation Model application layer.
  • Currency exchange application layer.
  • Tip calculator application layer.
  • Angles conversion units with Polar-Rectangular conversions.
  • Unit conversion application layer.
  • Quick Reference Help View with examples.
Requirements : iPhone and iPad with iOS 13.0 and above.

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Calculator Overview

General Settings

Memory Content

Finance Menu:

Time Value of Money Calculations

Interest Conversion

Bonds Calculations

Depreciation Calculations

Black-Scholes Option Valuation Model

Business Menu:

Percent Change & Percent Total

Business Margins

Break-Even Analisys

Tip & Bill Split Calculation

Math Menu:

Number Alterations

Trigonometric Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Hyperbolic Functions

Triangle Solution

Probability Calculations

Cash Flows Menu:

Cash Flows Calculations

Cash Flow Data Editor

Statistic Menu:

Two-Variables Statistics

Regression annd Forecasting

X,Y Data Editor

Solver Eq. Menu

Date / Time Menu

Convert Menu (CONV):

Angles & Polar Conversion

Interest Conversion

Currency Exchange

Unit Conversions